1.                  Electricals


·         Site considerations, Interfacing & Operating considerations, Load determination, Transformer & Breaker sizing considerations, Developing the substation layout, Bus bar schemes, Calculation for transformer & breaker, sizing, Single Line Diagram(SLD),Take-off sheet ,Preparation of bill of quantity(BOQ)  Protective systems in substations.

·         HT/LT lines design

·         Sub-station design

·         Internal electrification

·         TV/Tel wiring

·         HT/LT panel design

·         Electrical load calculations.

·         Electrical Layout.

·          Fire detection System & PA system Close loops Circuit Television (CCTV).

·         Access Control System

·         Solar Power Designing System


2.         Water Supply System


·         Exploration of source

·         Treatment and distribution

·         Central hot water generation and supply

·         Solar hot water system


3.         Storm Water Drainage system


·         Collection and disposal

·         Rain water Harvesting


4.         Sewerage System


·         Collection and disposal

·         Treatment and Disposal in Eco Friendly manner


5.         Plumbing System


·         Distribution of water Supply to Appliances

·         Collection & Conveyance of Domestic waste from appliances & Disposal to the External system


6.         Fire Suppression System


·         Sprinkler System

·         Wet Hydrant System

·         Gas based flooding system etc.


7.         Irrigation System


·         Sprinkler Irrigation & drip irrigation


8.         Swimming pool piping, Heating & treatment


9.         Utility Piping

·         Compressed air piping, Vacuum piping, LN, Nitrogen piping, cooling towers piping etc.